Meet IGIN​

Instant gloves. Less waste.

Make gloves efficient with IGIN. Instant fit, less waste, and an integrated CRM to track inventory in real time.


IGIN’s innovation rocks the traditional disposable gloves market with a fully automated process that also reduces waste and cost.

Why should you choose us?

Save lives

Reduce serious illness and infection caused by cross – contaminated gloves stored in cardboard boxes.

Save time

Put gloves on in 3 seconds for quick, effortless gloving in emergency situations.

Save money

Reduce costs associated with wasted gloves due to poor fit and mismanaged inventory.

Meet the fastest, most efficient way to put on gloves

Glove waste costs companies billions a year. Unhygenic storage, poor fit, and mismanaged inventory leaves billions of unused gloves that go to landfills.

What if there was a way to:

Meet the next generation of gloves. IGIN reduces waste and cost with 99.5% success on each fitting.

Automate inventory and storage

IGIN’s smart CRM lets you:

Keep glove inventory and storage up to date with data tied directly to glove usage.

Igin Smart 2.0

500 gloves

130 x 60 x 80 cm

Safer clinics and hospitals start with clean gloves

3.5 million Europeans contract an infection in a hospital every year, creating $40 billion in annual healthcare costs

IGIN’s novel approach can help reduce costs:

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